5 Signs Your Mental Health is Falling Apart

Today’s topic is on five signs your mental health is falling apart sharing this article with those who may need it will further help both them and our vision.

In 1992 the World Federation for mental health declared October 10th as World Mental Health day. this day has been celebrated for over 27 years by 150 countries around the globe and with more every year mental health has quickly become one of the most pressing social advocacy’s of its time despite this there’s still a startling number of people who fail to realize just how important mental health is emotional exhaustion is a serious concern and burnout is considered an official mental illness by the American association of psychology both of these problems are the result of neglecting mental health.

So what are the warning signs your mental health may be at risk:

1.you’re sleeping and/or eating pattern has changed

you're sleeping andor eating pattern has changed 5 Signs Your Mental Health is Falling Apart
Do you find it difficult to eat or sleep right even though you haven’t made any significant changes to your lifestyle if you do that’s a serious red flag for your mental well-being changes to note can take the form of either sleep deprivation oversleeping overeating or not eating enough.

According to a 2010 study by Kilgore dramatic changes in a person sleeping and eating patterns are often associated with poor personal care both eating and sleeping properly are patterns essential not only to your physical health but for your mental health too when you don’t get the rest you need it can make it difficult for you to concentrate and be productive it makes you more irritable anxious and stressed, on the other hand, an unhealthy diet can lead you to be less energetic experience a loss of self-confidence and more prone to depression.

2.you have unstable moods

you have unstable moods 5 Signs Your Mental Health is Falling Apart
Another common sign of poor mental health is having frequent mood swings do you find yourself feeling easily irritated or distressed by even the most minor inconvenience if that’s the case your mind might be crying out for help these sudden or intense shifts in your emotions are most likely caused by emotional exhaustion or overworking yourself this symptom is telling you that you’re past due and badly in need of a break when you’re neglecting your psychological health.

Your brain finds it more difficult to function and regulate emotions like normal because of this you might find yourself feeling stressed out all the time unmotivated to do anything or overwhelmed by everything going on in your life in extreme cases some people experience anxiety or panic attacks from not being able to cope with emotional stress.

3.you feel disconnected from everything

you feel disconnected from everything 5 Signs Your Mental Health is Falling Apart
Do you find yourself isolating from people who are normally very close to social withdrawal and isolation are some of the worst consequences of poor mental health when this happens you begin to lose interest and previously enjoyed social activities and don’t want to be around anyone even loved ones you feel disconnected from everyone you find yourself apathetic and emotionally numb despite being outgoing or friendly before these symptoms are critical signs that you need to start taking better care of yourself mentally isolating yourself from others to make it harder for them to help you so you need to do your best to help yourself if not the possible worsening chronic loneliness emptiness and loss of hope may lead to severe consequences.

4.you feel down most of the time

you feel down most of the time 5 Signs Your Mental Health is Falling Apart

Have you been experiencing frequent or prolonged depressive news do you find it hard to feel any sort of pleasure anymore even from things that used to make you happy this is a cause for concern when it comes to your mental health aside from being Moody and irritable most of the time people whose mental health is hanging on by a thread will seem disinterested unmotivated and exhausted

5.you have difficulty concentrating

Do you have difficulty maintaining your focus and tasks even when the tasks are easy if you find that it’s harder than usual for you to concentrate recall information analyze problems or even verbalize your own thoughts then you’re definitely suffering from mental exhaustion based on a 2007 study by stouts and others a majority of people with declining mental health show signs of impaired cognitive functioning commonly known as brain fog this can happen when you’re putting too much on your plate and not allowing yourself the time needed to rest your mind and do things you enjoy.

Today’s industrialize competitively and somewhat depersonalized society makes it so easy to neglect your mental health in favor of keeping up with your hectic schedule so being aware of the signs of mental illness could save your life and can help you from spiraling into depression or anxiety if you struggle with any of these issues please reach out to a mental health care professional today and get the help you need.



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