Money Tips For Women In Their 30s

What is the most important financial advice that you can offer women in their 30s? I would say women in their 30s if they’re going to be buying their first house they need to know what numbers they can qualify for when obtaining a mortgage because a mortgage is one of the biggest decisions that they can make in their 30s and they need to make sure that it doesn’t strap them financially for the rest of their lives.

By the time a woman is in her 30s, it’s likely she’s experienced some kind of big change whether that’s at work or home and the advice for managing change is to know what you want to do with your career.

It’s hard sometimes balancing work-life balance with family if you want to reenter the work field a career relaunch is a great way to do it meaning you can get an internship to re-energize yourself and relearn the skills that you may have missed when you were not working if you are already working then focus on the next steps and the next levels of where you can go to get to your next promotion might be a public speaking course might be outside networking whatever it is do whatever it takes for you to get yourself to the next step that’s what’s important to you.

As far as the relationship goes and change it’s always going to be in flux things never stay the same having an emergency fund always but especially in your thirties is very important again to manage the change that may or may not happen.

let’s say a woman has a big change at home whether that’s marriage divorce or having a child what some in financial advice that’ll help her get through that?

With marriage, I think that she should also always have her own money she should always have her separate accounts as well as potentially a joint account that pays the bills but as far as getting married for her for a new spouse I also believe in full financial disclosure are they on the same page financially. do they have the same goals because if they have that right from the front with full financial disclosure or being financially naked then it will affect them positively in the future.

As far as having a child you have to budget like crazy you need to know what’s coming in and what’s going out you may want to take some time off you may want to go to work part-time can you afford that not to mention the fact you might also want to set up a 529 for the baby as far as divorce goes it’s completely overwhelming financially emotionally every part of your life is up in upheaval so having an emergency fund is very important.


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